Immunotherapy for the Treatment of Obesity

A method for using immunotherapy to identify, target and eliminate fat cells.

  • Stage: Preclinical in vitro, Preclinical in vivo
  • Type: Cell Therapy, Therapeutic, Gene Therapy
  • Categories: HSC Therapy

Technology Overview

Currently, there are no treatments for obesity that directly target and eliminate fat cells (adipocytes). Dr. Stanley Riddell, in collaboration with colleagues at the NIH, have demonstrated that an anti-ROR1 CAR T is able to specifically recognize mature adipocytes and exert cytolytic activity. Interestingly, the only normal tissue that expresses the ROR1 protein on the surface of the cell is preadipocytes, progenitor fat cells, which make them an ideal therapeutic target for immunotherapy. Experiments in non-human primates also demonstrated the favorable safety profile of administering anti-ROR1 CAR T cells in vivo.


  • Method of reducing adipocytes by targeting ROR1 with CAR T cells


  • Novel mechanism for treatment of obesity by selectively targeting adipocytes

Patent Information

US 9163258

Investigator Overview

Stanley Riddell, MD, Clinical Research Division Burke O’Reilly Family Endowed Chair in Immunotherapy
Tech ID: 10-038
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